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Roger Hammer is a singer-songwriter who is known for his hand-crafted original music.  A standard or cover song refers to music is familiar and popular.  As Hammer puts it, "It is my goal to make my own songs that good and help the listener understand that the art of songwriting, from concept, to writing, to recording and distribution, is a personal journey that continues to evolve." Hand-crafted means made by hand, although digital audio and video media technologies are fully employed to make the work available anywhere, any time.

Born in Omaha, NE he studied piano and woodwinds at an early age and performed in competitive bands and orchestras. In his teens he taught himself guitar and bass and began writing music and playing with folk and rock bands.  As a clarinet and saxophone player, Hammer was in the Omaha Youth Syphony Orchestra, Nebraska All State Band, Grinnell College Orchestra, and on bass in the college Independent 398 experimental rock ensemble.  Later, based in Chicago he made hundreds of appearances in Illinois and surrounding states. In Harrisburg, PA, he continued to write and perform in local clubs, wineries and festivals, and appeared frequently with the Blues Society of Central PA and the Susquehanna Folk Music Society as featured act with multi-talented guitarist JD.  His songs were featured on the Millennium Music Conference CD (Rum Runner) and the benefit CD, Backyard Blues (Love or Money).   Hammer's CD's and digital collections are available on Spotify, Sound Cloud, Reverb Nation, and over a hundred of his lyric videos are on his Youtube channel, 

"Roger Hammer has handcrafted his own distinctive slant on folk-based rock, and he demonstrates his unique blend and style…wielding acoustic and electric guitars...Hammer has a way with words, delivering wit-edged, personal observations about people, the world and life’s journey".  - Pennsylvania Musician

Latest Publications written by and about Roger Hammer

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  • Featured artist, “In the Spotlight: Roger Hammer” by Andrew Kehe, Blues News, Jan-Mar 2019, p. 11. “…a well-rounded musician with a strong creative streak.” 

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  • “Turntable Delights: Circling the Square, An Audio and Video Project by Roger Hammer.” By Gregg Hogg, Blues News, Apr-Jun 2019,  p. 16.  “…definitely worth your attention.”  

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  • “The Pianos of Lancaster” by Roger Hammer.  Blues News, Oct-Dec, 2019, p. 16.  Narrative on touring the painted pianos in this city.

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I'm always looking for new opportunities.  In particular I love playing outdoor events, art fairs, and community gatherings.  

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