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 Album  Catatog

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Down To Earth

Where do you go after being up in the air?  Down to Earth of course.

  1. Better than You Think

  2. My Destiny

  3. The Appalachian Trail

  4. Do It One More Time

  5. One More Story

  6. Ol’ Bucket o’ Coins

  7. Dancin’ Dream

  8. Don’t Wonder, Yes I Do

  9. When Shadows Fade

  10. Love or Money appeared on the Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania's benefit CD, Backyard Blues. Special thanks to JD on guitar and Timmy Time Bigler on drums in this recording from Right Coast Studios.

Missing You - song by Roger Hammer

Suit Of Pentacles

Listening to an ancient mountain I felt the light of love, was reminded that we are not all angels, then travelled from then to now while learning more about everything in between.

  1. Blue Mountain

  2. Light Over There

  3. It Must Be Love

  4. Devil Next to You

  5. Music Forever

  6. Peasant in Heaven

  7. My Song

  8. Switch

  9. C Thing

  10. Sound of Your Life

Missing You - song by Roger Hammer
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