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Lyrics and music (c) Roger Hammer

  • Allegheny

Allegheny sheet music   About a river

Allegheny lyric video

  • Days Passing By

Days Passing By sheet music  Love song

Days Passing By lyric video

  • My Destiny

My Destiny sheet music  That's what she is to me

My Destiny lyric video

  • Ol’ Bucket o’ Coins

Ol’ Bucket o’ Coins sheet music  Little savings tip

Ol’ Bucket o’ Coins lyric video

  • One More Story

One More Story sheet music  There's always one more story to go

One More Story lyric video

  • So Easy

So Easy sheet music  Because you're there

So Easy lyric Vvdeo

  • Tall Friends

Tall Friends sheet music  Trees are this to me

Tall Friends lyric video

  • The Price You Pay

The Price You Pay sheet music  Teenage love may last forever

The Price You Pay lyric video

  • Today and Always

Today and Always sheet music  Make the good times last

Today and Always lyric video

  • Written In Your Mind

Written In Your Mind sheet music  You know it is

Written In Your Mind lyric video

  • You Loved Me First

You Loved Me First sheet music  Which pretty much sums it up

You Loved Me First lyric video

  • People Get Together

People Get Together sheet music  Let's do that!

  • Time

Time sheet music  Just to live and love like you want to

Time Lyric Video

  • Fingers (instrumental)

Fingers sheet music  Suitable to give your voice a rest

Fingers video

  • Truck A Little Faster (instrumental)

Truck A Little Faster sheet music  Play faster and faster until your fingers fall off

  • March 26 (piano)

March 26 sheet music  Young piano player or anyone really

March 26 video


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