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Roger Hammer Music duo 2016-2019
Hand Crafted Tunes Built on the Blues
Roger Hammer
Musician - Songwriter
Some 2019 Hammer Highlights

* Released 2 songs on the Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania CD, Backyard Blues.  
Look for
Love or Money and Walkin’ Round Blues.

* Featured Artist in the Jan-Mar 2019 Blues News.
 “…a well-rounded musician with a strong creative streak.”

* New lyric video albums.  
Down to Earth and Circling the Square, as reviewed in
 Blues News, April-June 2019:  “…definitely worth your attention.”

* Hosted the acoustic blues jam at the
Susquehanna Folk Music Festival.

All new videos for previously released CD, Up in the Air.  
“Roger Hammer has handcrafted his own distinctive slant on folk-based rock, and he    demonstrates his
unique blend and style…wielding acoustic and electric guitars...  Hammer has a way with words, delivering
wit-edged, personal observations about people, the world and life’s journey.“  
Pennsylvania Musician, July, 2016.