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Roger Hammer Music duo 2016-2019
Roger Hammer
Musical Craftsman
Hammer Highlights

* Released 2 songs on the Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania CD, Backyard Blues.  
Love or Money and Walkin’ Round Blues.
Featured Album of the Week at WXCS 92.9 FM

* Featured Artist in the Jan-Mar 2019 Blues News.
“…a well-rounded musician with a strong creative streak.”

* New lyric video albums.  
Down to Earth and Circling the Square, as reviewed in
Blues News, April-June 2019:  “…definitely worth your attention.”

* Hosted the acoustic blues jam at th
e 2019 Susquehanna Folk Music Festival.

All new videos for previously released CD, Up in the Air.  
“Roger Hammer has handcrafted his own distinctive slant on folk-based rock, and he    demonstrates his
unique blend and style…wielding acoustic and electric guitars...  Hammer has a way with words, delivering
wit-edged, personal observations about people, the world and life’s journey.“  
Pennsylvania Musician, July, 2016.
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