"Song lyrics and poetry play like left and right hands."

-- Roger Hammer / pen name r.f.Lee
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Roger Hammer - Music
r.f.Lee  - Poetry
Roger L. Franz -  
Science and technology
Publications written by and about Roger Hammer

SONG BUILDER’S NOTEBOOK: The Story Behind “Rumors Say” by Roger Hammer, Blues News, Jan-Mar, 2020.  www.bscpblues.com

“The Pianos of Lancaster” by Roger Hammer.  Blues News, Oct-Dec, 2019.  Narrative on touring the painted pianos in this city provided by Music for

“Turntable Delights: Circling the Square, An Audio and Video Project by Roger Hammer.” Blues News, April-June 2019,  written by Gregg Hogg.  
“…definitely worth your attention.”  

Featured artist, “In the Spotlight: Roger Hammer” Blues News, Jan-Mar 2019, written by Andrew Kehe.  “…a well-rounded musician with a strong creative

SONG BUILDER’S NOTEBOOK by Roger Hammer, Blues News, Jan-Mar. 2018.  Narrative on writing Love or Money. www.bscpblues.com

Music related publications under given name Roger Franz:

“Archiving Your Musical History,” EQ Magazine, Oct. 2007

“MI Physics: Why It Sounds Like It Sounds,” The Daily (Pro Sound News), Oct. 8-11, 1984.

“Papers on Optimizing Loudspeakers,” The Daily (Pro Sound News), Oct. 14, 1984.

“Optimizing Stereo Imagery: Douglas Jones on 3-D Sound,” The Daily (Pro Sound News),), Oct. 15-16, 1984.

“Audio Component Reliability,” Quality, June, 1983, pp. 50-51.

“Shure Cartridges Bring Life to Old 78 Records,” Shure Shots (Shure Bros., Inc., Evanston, IL), January/February, 1983, p. 5.

“Road Stories,” Pro Sound News, Sept. 18, 1981, p. 15.
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